The Isle of Wight Youth Jazz Orchestra is a new project with the first get together on
1st November 2017 at the Quay Arts.

Full details will appear on this site, which will be regularly updated as more information becomes available.

The aim of IWYJO is to provide a safe, structured, educational and enjoyable environment to enable musicians on the Isle of Wight under the age of 25 to partake in big band jazz.

IWYJO seeks to put creativity at the forefront, with members prepared to be hands-on and fully involved in their approach to performing and improvising, and as they develop confidence and skills, some may hopefully take opportunities to arrange and compose for the band and conduct rehearsals.

The other primary objective is to explore the widest possible range of repertoire which is out there, from discovering historical gems and learning in depth about the development of the many forms of jazz through the ages, to exploring exciting contemporary directions, world music and fusion influences. At the heart of all this, we'll be forging a new path and creating a sound and a voice of our own. We also want that to be flexible enough to evolve and change over time as the membership grows, moves on and is replaced by each generation of players.

The short term aims are to perform at the Newport Jazz Weekend in June 2018 and perform two or three other public gigs during that calendar year. The long term aims include the formation of a Senior band (age 18+) and a Junior band (up to age of 18).

For the time being, all enquiries should be directed to

IWYJO Officers
Director : Jim Thorn
Music Director : Jez Gray
Treasurer : Jacquie Tarry